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Editorial Policy

About CryptoTechTimes

With the sole purpose of educating and informing people about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, CryptoTechTimes began in 2023. The company takes a pride in writing crypto news that is unbiased, so to offer a broader perspective on the developments impacting the emerging crypto market.

 High-Quality Content

At CryptoTechTimes, the company is self-assured in fair reporting and professional ethics. Ethical journalism, accuracy, and objectivity are company’s core principles. The company do not believe in misrepresenting or “spreading fake news” in the news articles. The writers of the team aim to report on true news and true events by fact-checking, citing, and corroborating the statements mentioned in our articles.

Editorial Integrity

The team of writers at CryptoTechTimes is dedicated to provide current, reliable news coverage that is untainted by the opinions of the company’s owners and/or shareholders. Also, they do not forbid staff members from holding or trading in cryptocurrencies or blockchain-based ventures or from engaging in ICOs related to such projects in any manner.

Terms and conditions

By using, you accept the terms and conditions listed below. By using the website, you expressly accept these terms and conditions, which we reserve the right to modify whenever necessary. When you next log in, you will be notified of any changes to these terms and conditions and asked to accept them.


CryptoTechTimes is the owner of the trademarks, names, logos, and service marks displayed on this website—collectively referred to as “trademarks”—both registered and unregistered. Without CryptoTechTimes’s prior written permission, nothing on this website should be interpreted as granting a license or right to use a trademark.

Content Ownership

All text, marks, logos, and other content on the website—collectively referred to as the “Site Content”—is owned by CryptoTechTimes unless otherwise specified. This includes all designs, text, graphics, pictures, information, data, and content.

Content Violations

Images and content uploaded by contributors, writers, and guests are not under the control of CryptoTechTimes. Please send an email to if you believe that any content posted here violates the terms, and we will remove it.

Licenses and Outside links

Link to CryptoTechTimes as you see fit. Naturally, you are welcome to quote content from our website on your own, but you must first obtain our permission. Although CryptoTechTimes may provide external links for your convenience, the content of those links is not guaranteed and CryptoTechTimes has no control over them. Use or dependence on any outside joins and the substance subsequently given is notwithstanding copious advice to the contrary.

Accuracy of the Information

Although CryptoTechTimes makes an effort to provide information that is believed to be accurate, the company does not make any guarantees regarding the information’s accuracy, completeness, or suitability. The user is entirely responsible for how they use the content on the website to get the results they want.


Regarding the website, CryptoTechTimes makes no express, implied, or residual warranties, representations, statements, or guarantees.


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Delivery Policy

You will receive a confirmation email for each purchased item after placing your order. Article publication: Subscription services are available round-the-clock. Three days and an interview: seven business days Logins for subscriptions will be sent to you via email. CryptoTechTimes will provide you with links to articles and interviews within the specified time frame.

Returns and Orders Policy

CryptoTechTimes cannot accept returns on products, services, or payments once they have been delivered due to the nature of the information being sold.

Conflict of Terms

When it comes to your use of a particular section or module of the website, the provisions of the other relevant terms and conditions, policies, or notices that specifically relate to that section or module will take precedence over these website terms and conditions in the event of a conflict or contradiction.

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