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About Us

Cryptotech Times is news publication aimed to provide the crypto community with reliable and insightful information on the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries. With detailed coverage of blockchain developments, in-depth analyses of cutting-edge cryptocurrency  projects, price-prediction, the platform focuses on offering readers with real-time and the most accurate information on the cryptocurrency market.

Our Team

Meet Our Editorial Team



Nancy Lubale




Akash S


Arti has a strong understanding of and passion for cryptocurrency and blockchain. With more than 4 years’ experience in writing news stories, she has been following developments in the crypto space, researching and understanding the true potential of decentralization, and publishing her analyses in media.


Crypto| Blockchain| Tech Writer and Analyst

Nancy She has six years of experience producing news coverage in the finance, equities, forex, cryptocurrency, NFT, the Metaverse, blockchain technology, investing and technologyfields.

Driven by her passion for technology, she has worked for top crypto companies including Business2Community, Kraken Learn, InsideBitcoins,, Vauld Insights, Coingape, Forexcrunch, and Economywatch.

Her research interests are in technical analysis of crypto assets, DeFi, NFTs, and on-chain data analysis and of late tech and AI news.

Twitter: @NancyOmanga,

LinkedIn: Nancy Lubale,


Harshini is a content writer at CryptoTechTimes specializing in the analysis and writing of content. In addition to covering cryptocurrency, innovations, and the academic sector, she also writes about the newest technological advancements.


Akash is a freelancer content writer with a passion for crafting engaging and persuasive copy. He has a knack for creating compelling content across various industries. Diligent, creative, and deadline-driven, he is consistently delivering high-quality written pieces that captivate audiences.